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Its My Christian Freedom to Wear Shorts (or How 99% of Men Don’t Lust over Shorts)

There is a very recent photo of Lori circulating with very short shorts. I won’t post it here as those with google skills can find it quickly enough on their own.  It was posted on her facebook a few times and deleted. This is rich coming from a woman who just wrote on modesty and how women cause men to sin by what they wear.

Ken apparently tries to explain why shorts are OK and actually quite modest.

Reasonableness? So, who gets to dictate what is reasonable? If modesty is so subjective (and I agree it is) then Lori’s post is pointless and useless. Ken says 99% of men won’t lust over the sight of shorts. No doubt other people would disagree with that. Some might say 50% or 70% or 5%.

Look how quickly Ken turns it on men. Apparently a few inch difference in short height makes all the difference between whether the sin of lust is the fault of the man or the woman. If they are longer shorts and the poor guy manages to get turned on by that well then the sin is his fault. If they are short shorts (as is most common these days) then it is the woman’s fault because CLEARLY then the man just can’t help his lust.

Does modesty simply come down to no sexual flesh showing? OK, so if no boobs or butt or camel toes showing, I guess everything else is permissible. What one person deems sexual flesh may vary from person to person as well. As Lori mentions here, hey some guys have foot fetishes….sooooo….

Christian Freedom is a nice Christian way to suggest empowerment. It almost has the same ring to it as “Its my right to wear what I want” (“It’s my Christian Freedom to wear what I find reasonable”). Again reasonable being highly subjective. Maybe another finds yoga pants perfectly reasonable and therefore Lori should not be shaming others for simply wearing what they find reasonable. It is their Christian freedom after all.

However, Lori settles this for us by saying its godly men who we should listen to about what causes them to lust.  Duh, how simple.  Who is surveying the men to come up with an official report each year as to what women attire they find offensive? Seems like some official counsel should be organized and women should not be teaching about these things since men set the terms and know the terms best. It all still seems highly subjective upon which godly man you ask. If the majority say yoga pants cause them to lust, yoga pants it is. Thing is though when women are out and about the majority of the men they are around are not godly or Christian. So, does it only matter if we create a stumbling block to Christian men? The rest are lost causes anyway, so who cares?

So many questions. I will wrap this up with two big ones:

1.If shorts are indeed a very modest thing to wear and the shorts Lori was wearing in the photo were reasonable and do not cause 99% of men to lust then why not post that picture proudly as an example of “reasonable” modesty?

2. If men no longer lust over ankles? How did this come to be? Did they train themselves not to? If so, why can’t they do that for other body parts?


8 thoughts on “Its My Christian Freedom to Wear Shorts (or How 99% of Men Don’t Lust over Shorts)

  1. Lori’s post defending herself has got to be the most laughable thing she’s written in a long time.


  2. Yeah was just checking that out. Now she claims she isn’t ultra conservative so its OK to wear shorts or show a lot of the thigh. It really contradicts a lot of her modesty posts. Why gang up on women who wear yoga pants then? Being so offended by that sure makes you come across as ultra conservative, not to mention all her other views such as women must stay home.

    “My modesty standards may not be the same as yours (some women were upset with a comment Ken made about some thigh showing) but that doesn’t mean we are wrong. I listen to godly men and what they consider immodest and dress accordingly. I don’t believe we need to wear burkas (as some women have told us) and cover our hair, faces, shoulders, and ankles. This isn’t what the typical man lusts after.”

    Listens to godly men, takes men as a collective rather than just her husband? Like I said in this post–what group of godly men? Survey one group to the next and they will all probably vary on their answers. I think plenty of men can lust over faces especially with make up.

    “I have heard that some men have foot fetishes but this doesn’t mean we can never go barefoot. This is a problem with the men and yes, there are men who are perverts and will lust no matter what women wear but this isn’t our problem. It’s theirs. As godly women, we need to know how the typical man thinks and dress to not be a stumbling block to them.”

    She admits some men can be perverts. That is certainly a change. She sure is changing her tune. Her post last week made it sound like its entirely woman’s fault in every situation for a man’s lusty sin. I thought with God all things are possible and women can win men over without a word. So, how can women not change and win over perverts?

    Aw the modesty topic. Its always such good entertainment.


  3. Lori in response to someone who is being deleted,
    “Also, I believe we have many of the same convictions and I have posted the majority of your comments but when you write the same ones over and over again and I disagree with them, I stop posting them.

    “Finally and most importantly, we are not saved by anything we do, but what Christ has done for us, thankfully.”
    Right, so nothing she talks about ultimately matters. It doesn’t matter if a woman works or not, etc.


  4. Also if Lori isn’t ashamed why not post the picture? Instead she posts a selfie of the supposed skirt she was wearing in the short photo to show when you stand up its above the knees (as if that makes everything better). Why not show that selfie against the short photo? Then she tries to write it off by saying she was just around family so its ok to put your legs up high like that and expose a lot of thigh. So again modesty standards are constantly changing by what you wear and who you are around. You don’t have to be modest around family or male relatives you know.

    Come to think of it–Josh Duggar–what made him go after his sisters as they are always ultra conservativley dressed? Goes to show its not what women wear that can cause a man to sin. Some men are just perverts as Lori has finally admitted (but yet I doubt she would call Josh a pervert).


  5. Lori is very logic-challenged. If modesty is all about women keeping men from lusting, then it follows logically that women can’t go barefoot, because men with foot fetishes will lust. If a godly man says that bare feet are immodest, then it follows logically that Christian women can’t go barefoot. The foundation of Lori’s arguments is very unsound. When people point out the logical conclusions of her premises, she and Ken evade the question by appealing to “reason” and “Christian freedom.” Mind you, reason and freedom as defined by them, not necessarily as defined by the Bible.
    Lori doesn’t really believe in preventing lust and listening to godly men. She only goes with what she perceives to be the majority. Most men don’t lust after legs, so she doesn’t cover her legs. Most godly men don’t think bare feet are immodest, so she goes barefoot. What about that small percentage of men? Well, their battle with lust just doesn’t matter. The majority rules.

    Also, it’s worth noting that most of Lori’s devoted followers are in the “ultra-conservative group.” She lectures them about modesty, and they agree with her. Then they question her standards, and she insults them by calling them “ultra-conservative” and “legalistic.” She accuses them of trying to put her under a “yoke of slavery,” all because their modesty standards are higher than hers. Lori is alienating her own fans. Apparently, she’s the only one allowed to try to impose her own standards on others.


  6. And again she whips out the persecution card. Again about all these people who hate God, trying to destroy her ministry and slander. Making a comment about a public photo is slander, dontcha know?


  7. “1.If shorts are indeed a very modest thing to wear and the shorts Lori was wearing in the photo were reasonable and do not cause 99% of men to lust then why not post that picture proudly as an example of “reasonable” modesty?”

    She should post it if there was nothing shameful about it and they were a reasonable length. I didn’t see the photo anywhere so I can’t comment on it but the fact that she took it down, might indicate that they were “very short” shorts and contradict her own advice about modesty.

    “2. If men no longer lust over ankles? How did this come to be? Did they train themselves not to? If so, why can’t they do that for other body parts?”

    Men can learn to master their inclination to lust over body parts, especially the non-sexual ones. It’s pretty silly to say they have no agency in this area so therefore, it’s women who have the full responsibility to make sure they don’t sin.

    I have more to my opinion on this topic and it inspired a post of my own “How far should a woman go to be modest for the sake of keeping men chaste?” if anyone wants to read my Two Cents on the subject.


  8. Lori said:

    If I knew my daughter-in-law was filming me and even if another man besides my sons or husband were around, I would have put my feet down on the ground but I didn’t know and had no clue that some woman would use it against me but this is what they do.

    If you see the photo she is looking right into camera and Ken in waving. How did she not know being filmed? PLUS, and I think this is a major point isn’t it how you behave when no one is looking that counts. That is what determines your character. Does she only behave modestly when she knows others are looking? How easy it is to take photos in modest clothes and post online “look how godly and modest” I am.Meanwhile posting all this in your yoga pants. This again points at the trouble of online ministries. There is no way to prove those running the ministry are really living their life as they say they do.


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