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Follow your Heart vs. Follow your Conviction

When I saw this comment and the mention of “follow your own convictions” it stuck out to me as having the same ring as the feminist/secular chant of “follow your heart”.

I had planned to mention this in passing in my last post but Jeff provided the perfect quote to make a post topic of this.

Rightfully so, here is Jeff saying how the “follow you heart” mantra can be harmful for women. Yet, I really want to know how telling women “follow your own convictions” is any better? Why are women who promote the “follow your heart” philosophy demonized and women like Shelly who say basically the same thing with Christian dressing don’t get the same treatment. I suppose it is thought that if you are saying you are following your convictions it means you are following what you “feel” the holy spirit is telling you to do. BUT how do you really know it is the holy spirit and not just you own desires? It seems more the case that this is the Christian version of “follow your own heart” and therefore it is sanctioned.

We take seriously those women who talk about convictions or following convictions because its a bigger more important sounding word and has a Christian tone to it, but those who talk in the secular and use baby words like “heart” aren’t taken seriously. They are seen as starry eyed, selfish women. Following your heart is wicked, but following your convictions are righteous. How to talk Christian 101–replace heart with conviction and everyone will take you seriously.


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