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Some Godly Women Quotes

A few godly women ganged up on “submissive” in this thread (Katy is the only notable exception). Here are some quotes:

I don’t think you have ever condemned others (or raged about them being a hypocrite like they love to do you). Those women need to be nice!

This one was directed to Lori. Let’s see telling people they hate God when Lori doesn’t really know them or their heart is not condemnation or at least very rude? Over and over Lori accuses people of hating God if they disagree with her.

I have read your blog for years and have not once read where you have judged someone’s soul. I have seen where you judge actions as being holy or unholy but never one’s soul.

Again this is directed at Lori. And again saying someone hate’s God is making a reference to their soul. If the person does hate God, it implies they certainly won’t be going to heaven.

But i can dress as modestly as i want, but if i take on a judgemental, ‘holier than thou’ attitude, then i am not demonstrating Christs love,mercy and grace. Modest dress alone wont get you into heaven. I wont be cast into the eternal fire for wearing shorts,butall i keep hearing in you comments is a holier than thou attitude. And i find it so sad. If a husband insists on shorts. She is not in sin. But if she wore a skirt because she felt she was trying to obey the Lord first, then she would be in open rebellion against her husband.

Others feel the same way about yoga pants! They refuse to be cast into eternal fire for wearing yoga pants! Lori has written about yoga pants with a very holier than thou attitude. If a husband insists on yoga pants. She is not in sin.

A woman only needs to dress to her husbands requests and the Lord. If he is wrong, then God will deal with him.

Then what is the POINT to all these modesty posts?  Why tell women yoga pants are wrong when that may be what the husband wants? Once again Titus II women prove they are useless in the end because in the end it all comes down to what the husband wants. Cut out the middle woman. Go straight to him.

Finally your “holier than thou” attitude comes across in comments like these “I can see you will not post my comments due to the facts that you know in your heart that your wrong.” How do you know Lori’s heart? Are you God, no. You are a fallible woman. To claim you know her heart is claiming you are on par with God and that you are not.

And how does Lori know all these people who disagree with her hate God? How does she know thousands of hearts? Is Lori God? No. Lori is a fallible woman, not to mention “more easily deceived” (as she always reminds us other women are).

but I PROMISE YOU that showing a little thigh is not something that will affect someone’s ticket to heaven.

Again, then yoga pants are a problem because…..


Your works, your obedience will never get you into heaven. If they did- we would have no need for Christ and his selfless act.

So, women should dress modest, be submissive, not work, etc, etc, because……? Seems like all those things are niceties, but not “must haves” for the Christian life.

Shelly says:
July 12, 2017 at 9:50 am
And quit hiding behind an anonymous name. I though we were all grown women here. 🙄

And how do we know “Shelly” is not an anon name? Seriously…come on! Even if its real where is the last name? She is still being anon by posting only a first name. Plus, not to mention shaming those who value privacy.

and btw Submissive- God is CERTAINLY more concerned with each person’s character than their stupid willingness to follow old laws.

And I will say it again, so modesty matters because….?  Its character that matters, not how we dress.

Anon M says:
July 12, 2017 at 5:19 pm
I was preparing to answer you, making sure i quoted all relevant scripture and practical examples. But then i realised id have more chance trying to convict my 10 month old child. As she is only wearing a top and a nappy. (Diaper) You believe you are right and have taken the high road. And that you will get brownie points for doing so. In my experience your attempt to quote scripture to back up your points is ridiculously out of context. And does not match up with historical and cultural evidence either. You walk into a group of canabalistic tribes people to evangelise them with your attitude you are likely to end up as lunch. You are very disrespectful to anyone who politely disagrees with you. Unless they grovel. And i find it repulsive. Your speech is not littered with grace. But pride and sarcasm.

Anon M says:
July 13, 2017 at 7:25 am
Dont let the door hit you on the way out. *waves*.

Anon M is quick to accuse submissive of pride and sarcasm as if her own comments don’t reflect the same.


2 thoughts on “Some Godly Women Quotes

  1. “If she wore a skirt because she felt she was trying to obey the Lord first then she would be in open rebellion to her husband.”

    So… obedience to husband comes before obedience to God?!


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