Staying at Home is no Guarantee of a Happy Family

This is good:

I am very much for ladies not taking outside jobs so they can stay at home with their children. My wife did so and we are thankful she did. Many would read the injunction for wives to be keepers at home and conclude that they cannot do that and also work outside the home. That was our conviction for our home and I certainly support those who come to the same conclusion. However, others do not come to this conclusion and I will not change scripture or stretch it in order to make my personal conviction binding on others. Neither will I accuse them of disobedience when the Bible does not specifically call it that. God works with people at different places in their lives. Sometimes we need to let Him do His work. I think it is much better for a wife to quit her job because God has dealt with her about it for the sake of her home than because she is threatened by the judgment of God–a judgment that is not specifically taught in scripture. I have seen women at home who harmed their children because of their ungodly attitude and I have seen women who had to work bestow such love on their children when away from the job that the children were truly blessed. When it comes to God’s personal dealings in our lives, one size does not fit all. May the Lord bless you in your service to Him.

Exactly. Simply being placed in the home does not guarantee a godly woman or a family with no problems.


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