Godly Women · Traditionalist Bird

The Godly Formula to Get Attention

Step 1: Write controversial blog/facebook post

Step 2: Reiterate controversial post to keep the fire going and give a second round for people to disagree or  in godly speak “hate”.

Step 3: Write a pity post lamenting why everyone “hates” what you write.

Step 4: Make sure everyone knows you aren’t “bothered in the least” by people who disagree. Reiterate this point often.

She says she knows its to be expected, but yet can’t understand the hatred, the “vehement hatred”. I followed this post closely and saw nothing hateful, just people who disagree and cited scripture for their disagreement, to which Lori quickly deleted. She actually deletes scripture if its against her agenda.

Also, clearly if she wasn’t bothered she wouldn’t feel the need to keep telling people she isn’t bothered. This is all part of a crafted plan. Drum up a lot of controversy, keep the controversy going by doing a second post on same topic and then whine about people not liking what you say. Then the fan club comes into sooth and pat her on the back to assure her she is God’s special one doing his work. Because you aren’t a real Christian unless you being persecuted.

Step 5: Lap up the praise, pity and attention everyone gives you.

Step 6. Rinse, wash, repeat.



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