As a society we tend to either idolize one of two birds; either the bird of feminism or the bird of traditionalism. In other words, left/right or liberal/conservative. We either worship at the altar of tradition or the altar of the brave new world. Both birds think they have all the answers and puff around with an air of superiority and elitism. Extremists in both camps tend to live in a bubble immune to the problems of the real world with real folks and their problems and experiences, but yet they dictate most of culture and how society is structured. Christianity and feminism are not the problem per se, its the superiority it so often spawns and the tendency to put form over substance.

The bird of feminism is independent, tough, entitled, and proud to show off their unique colors. Such a creature, might look something like this:


The bird of traditionalism can exhibit the same characteristics of its sister feminism bird, but does so in a much more discreet way. It is pure and radiates a beacon of good, virtue, morals, family, and faith. Under the cloak of godliness they can be just as fierce as feminist bird but they have a magical cloak to mask their sins. Complete with a puffed up breast and spectacular display, the traditional bird looks something like this:



See, how can something as radiant and angelic as these creatures ever do any wrong? This is the mistake that so many believe. “Godly women aren’t like that”. The aim of this blog is to dispel the truth behind both feminism and traditionalism (although mostly traditionalism because of their stealthiness); the truth behind the uncloaked bird who wears their claws on their sleeves and the cloaked bird who keeps their claws up their sleeves. They are all one and the same and neither is the “be all end all” they both claim to be.

Oh and lets not forget about the third bird that revolves around them all — The Angry Bird.


These poor fellows take a similar approach as the feminist and traditionalist bird. They bask in a refusal to see each person’s unique experience and rather chirp an annoying song of memes and self-inflated theories as the solution to all relationship woes. They engage in black and white thinking but think they are better because they took a pill, a red pill specifically (a reference to the Matrix trilogy), and have now awoken to the ugly truth of the world and relationships. So, like feminists and traditionalists, they have an elitist bent and love to think they are better, have all the solutions, and rather the problem is that everyone else is just too stupid or blue pill to get it.




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  1. Personally, I have found that the traditionalist bird is even more insidious than the feminist bird — their claws are concealed and you don’t know they are there until they are in you. It is manipulation at its finest. With the feminist bird, at least you know right away what you’re dealing with, and generally speaking they are very frank and outspoken about their views….no confusion there. Traditionalist birds, on the other hand, can become friends, you think you have a friend, you hope there can be at least a discussion of sorts….and the moment you disagree with them, out come the talons to rip you to shreds.


  2. Interesting website. I guess I would agree to one thing. Traditionalism (like all “isms”) certainly has the potential to be a nail for someone who only has a hammer. We should all strive to not let our “isms” become our gods.

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